Saturday, January 25, 2014

YourTango writes an article about the power of good vibrations!

By Kait Smith

Ladies who believe their vibrators help them achieve sexual satisfaction have more orgasms.

The power of positive thinking has been proven across several of life's spectra, and now, we'd like to add one more to the list: sexual satisfaction. More specifically:vibrators, baby. Yes, believing in the power of your vibrator - and thus, its ability to make you orgasm - leads to higher sexual satisfaction, according to a recent study from Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion. Researchers sought to find out not only how Americans feel about the sexually pleasing toys, but also how beliefs about vibrators correspond to mind-blowing sex. 

What they found was intriguing indeed. About 75% of women and 80% of men responded to the survey saying they feel vibrators make it easier for a woman to achieve an orgasm and are "a healthy part of many women's sex lives." Less than 10% believe vibrators make women dependent on them for pleasure or are "intimidating to women's partners."

Now, here's where it gets really juicy - researchers also found that positive beliefs about vibrators were associated with higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Women who had used a vibrator in the past 30 days (and had confidence in its powers!) reported higher levels of arousal and more lubrication. Best of all, they had more orgasms, and felt less pain during intercourse. 

Meanwhile, ladies who used vibrators but had negative beliefs about them had no boost in their overall sexual satisfaction.

Before you go out and buy your own FixSation (which happens to be our favorite couples vibrator, great for simultaneous orgasms!) there are a few other findings to note. Researchers believe that women who feel more positively about their bodies and sex are more likely to use vibrators and less likely to have sexual issues, which may have led to these results.

Similarly, women with higher sex drives may be more sexually satisfied in general and more likely to use a vibrator. So, if you have low sexual satisfaction, it's not quite as easy as saying "go buy a vibrator." Not that there's anything wrong with trying!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

A-list celebrities make a B-line for FixSation at the Academy Awards Gifting Suite!

FixSation, makers of the world’s first hands-free, non-invasive couples vibe return from the celebrity swarmed Secret Room gifting room at the Academy Awards in Beverly Hills. Tiffany York, creator of the FixSation Couples Vibe, says the response from Hollywood celebrities was more than they could have ever expected! York believes that their award winning couples vibe is helping to improve relationships by fostering increased intimacy and sexual satisfaction while making love. Additionally, FixSation is thrilled to be part of the attitude “evolution” toward sexual health products.

“We came here to share our product to a mainstream audience and to demonstrate that whether you live in Tinseltown or in a small Midwestern town, everyone is drawn to the idea of improving their sex lives. The FixSation Couples Vibe is a sleek, ergonomically correct, body-safe device that is non-invasive, yet stays in place hands-free while making love, improving mutual satisfaction and allowing women to own their orgasm” says Tiffany York, FixSation Creator & CEO. “Initially the celebrities were a little gun-shy when they approached our suite, but the bashful laughter quickly turned to excited applause as they learned more about the wonder that is FixSation!”

Included among the hundreds of stars who took home the FixSation Couples Vibe were; Amanda Fuller of ABC’s Last Man Standing, Jill Wagner host for ABC’s Wipe Out, Super Model K.D. Aubert, TV Super Star Niecy Nash, Movie stars Eric Roberts and Brian White, music icon Paula Abdul and Oscar nominees; John Gatins (writer of the movie Flight), David Magee (writer of the movie Life of Pi) and Jacki Weaver (best supporting actress for Silver Linings Playbook).

“Super Model K.D. Aubert was so excited to get her FixSation Couples Vibe, that she tweeted her fans on the spot about how amazing our product is and told all of her fans to go out and buy one!” Tiffany chuckled. “Niecy Nash was so over the moon about her FixSation that she joked about wanting to slip it on right there!” says York. “It was hard not to get star-struck, especially when Paula Abdul came by our suite and just lit up as we began to share the Couples Vibe concept with her, I honestly think she was as excited to meet us as we were to meet her.”

The FixSation Couples Vibe was no doubt a huge hit at the prestigious gifting room at the SLS Hotel in Beverley Hills. “It was incredible to be surrounded by so many stars,” says Tricia Bonlender. “We gave out more than 200 Couples Vibe to all of Hollywood’s best, from actresses to musicians and agents to athletes. We actually ran out of onsite inventory and due to the resulting celebrity buzz, we have already seen a tremendous surge in sales after featuring FixSation at this A-list, mainstream event.”

FixSation Couples Vibe is taking the adult novelty industry by storm, currently being sold in 33 countries and having been nominated for 6 industry awards within the first 12 months of launching their signature product. Additionally the FixSation Couples Vibe was just named Couples Pleasure Product of the year for 2013 by Xbiz.

“The whole Oscars experience was absolutely amazing,” says Tiffany York. “We are still getting e-mails from media and stars that heard about us and want to try it out. We really feel like we are on the right track for mainstream exposure which is what we have been pushing for all along.” Tiffany remarks. “We know that our product is superior to any other couples vibrators currently on the market, our challenge has been to create product awareness and educate the consumer on what our product is, what it does and why it’s so different from anything else on the market. Between this exposure and our upcoming feature on VH1’s hit TV show Mob Wives, I think we will be well on our way to becoming a household name.” Tiffany announced.

FixSation is based out of Medford, Oregon.

--Article written by TCY Mays

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

News Story: FixSation Launches 'Soirees'

By Bob Johnson
Monday, Jul 16, 2012

CENTRAL POINT, Oregon -- Champagne cocktails, little black dresses and luxury intimate products are the ingredients that make up FixSation’s new “Soiree” upscale home parties.

The company describes its new launch as “an elegant evening among friends” that includes novelties and the promotion of positive sexual attitudes in a safe environment for asking questions and sharing tips, techniques or advice.

Product offerings will be complementary to the FixSation Couple's Vibe, and have been selected from top brands such as Lelo, Swede, Bijoux Indiscrets, Sliquid, Skyn Couture, Rianne S. Matryoshka, Fun Factory, and more.

Independent consultants explain to the party attendees what the Couple's Vibe is, and what it does. Because the FixSation vibe is a new, first-of-its-kind product, it comes with a bit of a learning curve.

“A common misconception is that it is a vibrating panty. However, it is much more than that, and if people confine it to that category, they will miss 99 percent of the purpose and function of the vibe."

“Maximizing partner pressure and allowing for unobstructed penetration are two key components that make this vibe design both unique and effective; once women are educated by their consultant as to these benefits, the product sells itself,” FixSation said.

Soiree consultant compensation is based solely on commission, with additional bonuses offered for various incentive programs.

After a minimum purchase of a starter kit of marketing materials, independent consultants can spend as much or as little as they wish to acquire samples to showcase at their parties.

As an incentive to host a party, Soiree hostesses will be eligible to earn "Boudoir Bucks" which can be applied like cash towards the purchase of any item at the party, or on the FixSation website.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kicesie Drew on the Female Orgasm...

FixSation is proud to be the official sponsor of Sexpert & YouTube Sensation; Kicesie Drew and this 4-Part Series on the Female Orgasm! 

In her words… “The first in a four part series on Female Orgasms. Each video will build on the next in the hopes of making it easier for women to orgasm, and thus, that they will do so more often. This series will help both men and women alike.”

Be sure to stay tuned for more informative and entertaining videos by Kicesie!

Be sure to check out FixSation, makers of the worlds first hands-free, non-invasive couples vibrator that is worn during intercourse and is as sexy as a piece of lingerie!

Friday, March 2, 2012

FixSation Brings Couples the ‘We-gasm’


CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Tiffany York has redefined the couples’ vibrator with the invention of the FixSation, bringing couples to “we-gasm” with FixSation, a non-penetrating device worn by women during sex.

FixSation’s non-invasive, rechargeable couple’s vibe is ergonomically designed to cradle the woman’s anatomy and fit flush against the man's pelvis. Its curved exterior utilizes partner pressure and movement for concentrated friction and vibration on the clitoris, while still allowing for uninterrupted penetration.

The couples’ vibe is secured in place by a backless, crotchless panty companion featuring removable bands that slide through the side chambers of the FixSation and fasten to the backside of the panty.

FixSation is a combination of lingerie and vibrator, which has an ergonomically correct design to fit between two bodies to use a partner’s pressure and not obstruct penetration. The rechargeable vibe is made with medical grade materials and comes with a warranty.

"Through no fault of me or my husband, we had a difficult time reaching climax simultaneously,” company founder Tiffany York said. “Not to mention that when — or should I say if — I got there I wanted it because of him and to share the experience together. I tried several toys, however they proved distracting, an unnatural addition to the bedroom — plus they just didn’t work. I fell in love with the We-vibe concept, but the internal placement in addition to my husband proved to be too much. Because I couldn’t find anything on the market to suit my own needs, I invented the FixSation to help the millions of other women in this exact situation."

FixSation has been on the market since December and has since been picked up by distributors, including Entrenue and Planet Earth Logistics in Europe, as well as major retailers Adam & Eve and Eden Fantasy’s.

For more information, visit

See original XBIZ article:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Sex Tip

Bring Sexy Fun Back

Responsibility and mind-blowing sex are like oil and water...they just don't mix. Thing is, sex is an important component to a healthy relationship. So how can a hard working couple bring fun sex back into their relationship?


Responsibility and mind-blowing sex are like oil and water...they just don't mix.

It's easy to understand with everything going on in our day-to-day lives, why sex goes to the bottom of the to-do list.

Thing is, sex is an important component to a healthy relationship. So how can a hard working couple bring fun sex back into their relationship?

It's my experience that busy people don't have time to read the long answer, so here is the quick and easy on what you two can start doing today.

Don’t wait: act now

Sexual impasses don’t get better with time. The longer you wait to initiate something fun, new and exciting the longer old habits linger and get in the way of creating something fun, new and exciting. 

Talk to each other about you 'can' do (

Complaining about how your sex life sucks is the biggest libido zapper. If you don’t talk about what’s going on in your sex life in a positive way, the situation will never change.

Understand the problem

Acknowledge (and appreciate) your partner’s dissatisfactions ( in order to understand why they’ve stopped reaching out sexually.

Separate the nonsexual issues from the sexual ones

What are the facts—not emotions—around any sexual challenges? What are the reasons for the anger, resentment or withholding? Until these issues are dealt with and resolved, it's almost impossible to connect in a deep sexual way. If you're at an impasse, seek out a counselor's help. (

Teach each other new sexual techniques

Learn how to give each other pleasure in new and exciting ways. Communicate what you want. Best way to start is to separately write a list of things you want to try and then let the other read it. Bonus points to those couples who take turns 'surprising' each other with what's on their partner's list.

Feel the FixSation difference and discover how fabulous
  it is to share a ‘we-gasm’ with your partner. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Sex Tip: Touching Means a Happier You

Touching is one of the easiest ways to create intimacy outside of the bedroom. It's easy, F-R-E-E, and makes us feel good. So why in heaven's name do we stop?


How do you know a newbie couple? They're wrapped around each other like pretzels. And it's one of the reasons newbie sex is fantastic; as the abundance of couple touch means they're  already jacked-up and good to go when it comes to bedroom time.

Touching is one of the easiest ways to create intimacy outside of the bedroom.

Unfortunately, the busier a woman gets the more likely she is to delegate touching to bedroom time. BIG mistake. (Read more on the importance of touch)

Touching heals, soothes, and helps us feel connected during the good and not-so-good times in our relationship. (Read about the power of touch)

It's easy, F-R-E-E, and makes us feel good. So why in heaven's name do we stop?

Affectionate touch every day is a simplest way for women to stay connected to her body; as well as it keeps an intimate bond between the couple. That way when sex is initiated, touch is no longer a sensory overload for her.

Make it your goal to affectionately touch your partner every day and see where it leads. I'll bet my mortgage you'll be much happier as a person and as a couple.

It's just that simple. 

Feel the FixSation difference and discover how fabulous
  it is to share a ‘we-gasm’ with your partner. 


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